abortion support Concerned Male Partner

If your partner is pregnant and considering an abortion – while it is her decision – it probably deeply affecting you too. You may have questions, concerns and problems to deal with regarding the pregnancy and/ or abortion decision... READ MORE


abortion support for Concerned Families

Finding out someone you care about is pregnant and is considering an abortion is difficult for them – but can also be difficult for you. You may find yourself asking ‘how can I help – without making her feel like I am telling her what to do?’ ‘How can I support her with whatever decision she ultimately makes?’ It is extremely important to talk through these concerns with someone – and not always the woman who is pregnant. At Parkmed we are committed and devoted to supporting women AND their community during the complex time of contemplating an unexpected pregnancy. We are here for you as well as her…READ MORE

Abortion SUPORT for Concerned Friends


How Do I Help My Friend Who is Considering an Abortion? One of the hardest things to do is try and support someone you care about when faced with difficult, life changing decisions. Whether it is your best friend, sister, cousin, aunt – whoever - When someone close to you comes to you and tells you she is pregnant – this can be one of those times. What should you say? How can you help? What can you do to support her? READ MORE

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