If you are having any kind of penetrative sex, whether you are giving or receiving, you should use a condom. Condoms are widely available and generally inexpensive.

For digital sex, gloves are a great choice. Nitrile, rubber, latex, or polyurethane are all common materials. Gloves can be bought for in bulk for fairly cheap prices. Use glove on the inside and outside of the glove for improved sensation and ease.

Dental dams are great for oral sex. If you are having oral sex performed on an anus or vulva, dental dams are a no brainer. However, a lot of people don’t realize that dental dams can be used on external gentalia as well. By pushing the genitals down (sort of like tucking but gentler) and holding the dental dam above it, oral sex can be performed safely and in a way that is often more comfortable for trans feminine people.